Book List

Here is a list of great books that should be on every investor's bookshelf. 
These books make for great reading by investors and are fine gift ideas too.


  • NAIC's Better Investing Book Series, Various

  • Take Stock, Ellis Traub

  • S&P's Guide to Long-Term Investing, Joseph R. Tigue

  • New Guide to Financial Independence, Charles Schwab

  • Women's Guide to Successful Investing, Nancy Tengler


  • The Future for Investors, Jeremy J. Seigel

  • Contrarian Investment Strategies, David Drema

  • The Essays of Warren Buffet, Warren Buffet, edited by Lawrence A. Cunningham

  • Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably!, Ben Stein, Phil DeMut


  • The Ultimate Dividend Playbook, Josh Peters

  • It's When You Sell That Counts, Donald L. Cassidy

  • The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham

  • Online Investing Hacks, Bonnie Biafore

  • All About Hedge Funds, Robert A. Jaeger

  • The Intelligent Asset Allocator, William Bernstein

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