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Intro to Financial Investing the BetterInvesting Way

This is the first in a series of classes to help individual investors understand and implement the principles used by BetterInvesting (BI)  and how they contribute to investment success. You learn basic financial terms, how to perform basic calculations needed for stock analysis, where to find research information, what data is important in Value Line, and where information is located on a Value Line report. The class defines commonly used terms that are critical for an investor to understand. You also learn how to use stock screening to find stocks to study in an industry.

Many individuals find learning about investing with other individuals adds to their learning process, and may want to look into joining or forming an investment club.  This subject will also be included.

The next class "Stock Selection Guide - Learning the Basics" (SSG) will guide the beginning investor through the SSG, section by section, digging deeper into the use of the form to aid in evaluating an individual stock. The SSG class also is recommended to club members who want to review the basics.

Introduction to the Stock Selection Guide (SSG)

This is an entry level class, covering the basics of the Better Investing Stock Selection Guide (SSG). The class begins with a brief review of the BetterInvesting principles, key financial concepts and Value Line data, materials presented in the Introduction to Investment Basics class. You learn what to look for in a stock to purchase and how the SSG helps you identify potential investments. The tutorial on the SSG uses one company to demonstrate how to fill out each section of the SSG, and how to perform the calculations used in each section. Students complete SSGs for two additional companies as homework. You also learn how to apply your own judgment to each section of the SSG to reflect your view of the company's future performance.

The class consists of a morning and an afternoon session, with a 45 minute lunch break.  You may bring your own lunch or purchase a lunch at the restaurant. Coffee, drinks and pastries will be included in the morning and afternoon breaks.

On on-line version of the SSG Class is available both on the Better Investing web site ("Learning", "Getting Started: How to Buy Stocks"), and the IClub Web site. Neither of these provides the interaction of a hands-on class with individual instructors, but may be an alternate learning experience to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Portfolio Management Decisions

This class looks at the  overall makeup of a portfolio.  We will consider what portfolio management is and is not; we will be considering the implications of number of holdings, size of holdings in portfolios, diversification by size of company and different ways of measuring company size, diversification by industry and sector; the effects of adding to, or reducing a single holding on the overall portfolio.

We will be utilizing Toolkit 6 and on-line resources to explore the concepts.

After a series of examples, we will be looking at a club portfolio submitted for review and applying the principles discussed in the examples.


Supercharge Your SSG with Sound Judgment  Applying sound judgment on the SSG is the real key to making good investment decisions. This class will look at the basic historical information that is important to consider, then go deeper into judgment making process, talking about the future of the company. The class will explore where to find information about the future that influences our judgment. After finding the information, we will apply where and how to make those key judgments. This class provides guidance and insight into how to make the important estimates looking 5 years into the future.

Topics to be covered include:

• Judgment in each SSG section with numerous examples
• Advanced judgment for estimating sales and EPS growth rates including how to use the preferred (revenue based) procedure
• Sustainable growth and finding trends in the Trend Analysis graph
• Guidelines for picking high and low P/E ratios
• Forecast high and low EPS and future low price.

For advanced students, this course does not dwell on how to perform calculations.

To get the most benefit from this class, individuals need to have taken Introduction to Investing or have some experience in investing, completed the Stock Selection Guide class - either in person or on-line, and have completed Beginning Toolkit, Toolkit Mechanics or the on-line SSG.

Clubs registering three or more members need to have the majority of their members with experience and the above qualifications. Clubs will be more successful when the majority of their members understand how to apply judgment to the SSG. For this reason we are offering a special discount when clubs have three or more members attend.

Secrets to Investment Club Success

What will it take for your club to celebrate its successes?  Whether you are in a newer club or an experienced one, you’ll leave this session with at least one new idea of something your club could do differently.  Audience questions will be encouraged for this interactive session.  We will discuss:

            Club Partnerships
            Recruiting New Members
            Club Education
            Better Investing Methodology
            Managing Your Portfolio

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