Investor Education Day
October 13, 2018
Colorado Christian University
Leprino Hall
8787 W Alameda Ave., Lakewood, CO  80226
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

$65.00  Registration
$70.00  Late Registration (after October 7, 2018)


Investor Education day on October 13, 2018 features the President of IClub Central and the editor-in-chief of the Investor Advisory Service and Small Cap Informer newsletters, Doug Gerlach.  Doug will present five sessions about investing that should appeal to every level of investor from beginner to advanced.

There are three morning sessions and two afternoon sessions, with a break for lunch on your own. There are several nearby restaurants. The Village Roaster is conveniently located across Garrison Street for your morning coffee.

Handouts for each of the presentations will be available for registered attendees to download prior to the event, and a limited number of the day's presentations will be available at the door for a small $10 fee.  Please let us know if you would like to reserve a set to purchase at least two day before the event so we can make enough copies


 Douglas Gerlach


For 25 years, Doug Gerlach has taught individuals and investment clubs to make smarter decisions about investing in the stock market, through books, software tools, websites, and educational presentations across the U.S.

Gerlach is the President of ICLUBcentral Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of BetterInvesting and makers of software and websites for individual investors and investment clubs. He is the author of six financial books, including The Investor's Web Guide, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Investing, The Armchair Millionaire, Investment Clubs for Dummies, BetterInvesting’s Guide to Computerized Investing and the Internet, and The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Direct Stock Investing. He has written articles for publications such as Individual Investor, PC World, and ComputerLife, and was a Consulting Editor and columnist for Time-Life’s Mutual Funds Magazine.

A familiar name to many BetterInvesting members, Doug has spoken at investor events from Honolulu to Berlin, for such organizations as the National Education Association, National Investor Relations Institute, the American Association of Individual Investors, and Charles Schwab, as well as at personal finance conferences organized by Money Show, CNBC, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Morningstar, BetterInvesting and Oregon Public Broadcasting. He has taught at investor events in more than 80 cities across the U.S., where his skill in explaining often-complex concepts with humor, energy, and clarity helps to turn investors into better investors.

As ICLUBcentral’s president, Doug leads product development for its suite of tools for investors and investment clubs: Toolkit 6 for Windows,,,,, and He is also Editor-in-Chief of ICLUBcentral’s two investing newsletters: the long-term market-beating Investor Advisory Service and the SmallCap Informer. The Investor Advisory Service is one of the top-performing stock newsletters in the country and has been named to the Investment Newsletter Honor Roll by Mark Hulbert’s Hulbert Ratings for eight consecutive years from 2010 through 2017, in recognition of its outstanding performance in both up and down markets over the past decade.

The Two Things You Must Know to Successfully Pick Stocks(Beginner-Intermediate)

While the mechanisms and machinations of the markets have changed mightily since Benjamin Graham first came up with a practical method for analyzing stocks, or even since Peter Lynch racked up big wins picking equities for Fidelity's Magellan Fund, at least this remains true: companies that deliver constant profits for shareholders will see their share prices increase.  But what are the keys to successful fundamental stock selection? Doug Gerlach, president of ICLUBcentral Inc., and editor-in-chief of its Investor Advisory Service and SmallCap Informer

 The Small Cap Advantage: Generating Superior Returns from Small Company Stocks (Intermediate-Advanced)

Is the growth in your personal or club portfolio stalled? A growth stock strategy depends on capital appreciation for the greatest share of returns over time, which in turn is generated by the growth of each company's sales and earnings. However, too many investors who ascribe to the growth stock approach overweight their portfolios with slow-growth businesses and thus fail to perform as they hope. Small and midsized companies provide top opportunities to boost potential returns, but can add additional volatility. Learn how to find and analyze smaller stocks with high total return potential but are also suitable for a BetterInvesting-style long-term, growth-oriented stock portfolio.

 Eliminate"Sell" fro m Your Vocabulary (Intermediate)

Knowing when to sell is one of the toughest decisions an investor can make. Psychological and behavioral roadblocks prevent individuals from making cogent resolutions when it comes to selling stocks. But Doug Gerlach has ideas on how to improve your personal or club portfolio without getting stuck on "knowing when to sell." In this session, Doug will outline his strategy for continually optimizing and improving your stock portfolio, including how to identify candidates for replacement due to overvaluation, low potential return, or fundamental obstacles to future growth. You'll receive tangible steps for a rational approach to portfolio management that will help you upgrade your portfolio right away.

 Sensible Strategies for Coping with Bear Markets and Recessions (Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced)

Nobody knows which way the winds will blow the markets or the economy in the near-term. But knowing how bear markets and recessions work and implementing a few simple strategies can help weather the storms when they do arrive. No matter where the market heads, there will be opportunities for sensible investors. In this session, Doug will discuss tips on facing down and sideways markets, all from the perspective of long-term oriented stock investors. In addition, Doug will present several stock ideas and themes to explore in the current market environment.

 Profit Margins, the Most Important Determinant of Company Quality (Intermediate)

There are many ways to analyze the quality of a company and its management, none are likely more useful than a review of its profit margins. Profit margins show how much of a company's revenues are converted into profits, but also demonstrate how efficiently management is utilizing its resources. Learn how to review the strength and trend of a company's margins, compare those margins to peers and industry averages, and spot potential problems with margins before the company's fundamentals degrade significantly.

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Time (approx)


8:30 - 9:00


9:00 - 9:15

Welcome and Introductions

9:15 - 10:05

Session 1 - The Two Things You Must Know to Successfully Pick Stocks

10:05 - 10:10


10:10 - 11:00

Session 2 -  Profit Margins, the Most Important Determinant of Company Quality

11:00 - 11:50

 Session 3 -  Sensible Strategies for Coping with Bear Markets and Recessions

11:50 - 1:10  Lunch - On your own; bring a lunch or visit nearby restaurants
1:10 - 2:00
Session 4 - Eliminate "Sell" from Your Vocabulary

2:00  - 2:05


2:05 - 2:55

Session 5 - The SmallCap Advantage: Generating Superior Returns from Small Company Stocks

2:55 - 3:00

Closing Remarks



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