Forms and Worksheets To Assist
In Your Decision Making Process

Calibration Worksheet

This Excel worksheet is a way to accumulate and compare data from different sources, which aids in making your own personal judgments on the SSG.  Individual cells are commented to assist in entering information.  The sources in the header are only suggested sources, and should be changed to the sources that you use. 

SWOT Analysis Template

The SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) is a methodology used to focus on the important issues that will affect a company's value and future prospects.  This is to assist in thinking about the company prospects in a non-emotional manner, focusing on the known facts.

First Cut

Developed by Better Investing to list and document the important aspects of making a stock buying decision prior to purchase.  The template is located on the Better Investing web site, and requires signing on with your member number and password.

BI Stock Watcher Guide

An Excel Spreadsheet to track stocks on a quarterly reporting basis.

BI Club  Stock Watcher

Visit-A-Club application.
Application for a club to be listed in the Visit A Club spreadsheet on the chapter website. 

10 Things NOT TO DO on the SSG


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